Sunday, December 21, 2014

Story of My Life

Hey there, its time for the holidays, once again. I swear time flies by so fast; this time last year I was vacationing in Mexico celebrating with my family. This year I won't be south of the border but the holidays will still be the same. Food will always be made, desserts will always be caramelized, and gifts will be given, just not with all of my extended family. 

Enough about the seasons, let us get to the good stuff... FASHION! So this outfit starts with a little story. Once upon a time I got a great idea, "Why is everyone still wearing mini skirts or everyone's new favorite obsession, the circle/skater skirt"? There is absolutely nothing wrong with the style of those pieces, trust me I own like too many of those, but I kinda needed some new obsession in my life so I came across the midi skirt. I fell head over heels with this one skirt that was so strategically styled in the store's window, that I could not help but walk in. I checked it out and everything was perfect except for the same detail that makes every conscience shopper wince... the price. I know, sad life right? Well I did the smart thing and walked away reminiscing our beautiful moments together. Little did I know, 2 weeks after our loving romance the store announced a 50% off sale. So I immediately bought it. The beauty that I bought is the one I'm currently wearing, its so perfect in every way.

Midis are the new thing in my opinion, they look so elegant with a touch of retro inspiration. Well mine is black, to no ones surprise, but it has sheer panels at the hem. They allow some skin to show while still being classy. I paired it with a burgundy lace crop top and some lace up booties to complete the outfit. 

This holiday I predict that burgundy, emerald green, and royal blue are going to be a huge hit, so go out and find your staple pieces. 

Seasons Greetings

Outfit details

Friday, November 28, 2014

Silver Coins

I'm back!!

Feels sooooo great to be home. I missed this little town of mine. So how was your holiday? Mine was great because of all of the food (duh). Tamales of course, typical Mexican tradition. Even though I had a delicious dinner, I made my way to the mall for some Black Friday shopping. What better way to celebrate these deal, but by wearing all black (my comfort color). Although I did wear black, there is no way in hell that I wore this outfit! Of course not!

  1. It gets way too cold at night
  2. how in the world would I be able to make it through the night with these shoes.
This year I was pretty disappointed, because I did not find any of the things that were on my list. I guess I will wait for cyber Monday. The holiday season is coming by so fast and the quarter seems to come to an end and I don't want to wait for the last minute to go out and get stuff. Ehh, I guess I'll be fine because this year I want to hand make a lot of my gifts; they just feel more special. Well I hope that all of you had a great time, till next time.


Outfit details
shirt, socks, and necklace- Forever21
Skirt- hand made
jacket- old navy

Monday, November 24, 2014

Gravy Baby

Hey there, 

Its just a normal Monday, but I'm happy. Happy to go HOME!! I can't wait for the 5 hour long drive through the beautiful freeways of LA (sarcasm included). I haven't gone home this quarter; I miss my family and friends. School has been stressful but I'm breathing, its all gravy baby. 

The weather in SoCal is bipolar. It alternates from cold to fresh to hot within hours. Its always hard to dress in the morning knowing that the weather might switch any moment. I miss my predictable winter weather from back home. Therefore, I must carry my cardigan. The Classic winter color of this season in my opinion is deep burgundy.Such a gorgeous color and it accents any plain outfit (like mine). 

Well I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Eat. Eat. Eat. Remember to appreciate all you have, count your blessings, and loves the ones around you.  

I'm Thankful for:
An education
Good health 
and my family and friends. (of course!!)


Outfit Details 
Dress- Thrifted
Cardigan- Forever21
Necklace- Charlette Russe
Boots- JC Penny

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Taco Tuesday

So I'm in the process of re-doing my wardrobe; I'm trying to go for Comfy Classic Grandma. I don't know what is going to end up happening but my closet is very confused. Have you ever looked through your closet and realized your style has changed and your pieces don't reflect what you want to wear? Well that's me on a constant basis. My clothes are my children, so it hurts when I get rid of some things. While I look through my clothes I start to remember why I bought it, how I can wear it again, or even if I will ever wear it again. Sad Story. Hopefully I find my true self, even if I have to go shopping (that was just a hint of sarcasm, cause you know who doesn't love shopping).

What's new? 
Well you see there, I am currently a full time student, I have a job, I am involved with research. Too much on my plate? Perhaps? 
Why do you do it?
I love being busy, it keeps me from thinking too much (and I'm not talking about intellectual thoughts, but referring to emotions- Being heartless keeps me sane).

Other than that there is nothing new, I want to start making YouTube videos but I don't know what to record. If you guys have an idea it would be great. 

I will leave you with a twinkle of thought.

"Try not to become a man
 of success, but rather try
 to become a man of value"
- Albert Einstein 

Outfit Details
Cardigan & necklace - Forever21
Shirt - Marshalls
Booties - H&M

Monday, September 8, 2014


First things first, i hate jeans! I literally own like 3 pairs but i bought these last week and i am obsessed. They are so comfy; they feel like I'm in sweats. They do not restrict me in any way, and the boy crop fit allows me to dress them down or fancy them up. These simply fit. There was no specific thought for this outfit, it just felt comfortable.

Hey there,  i know it has been a while but there are so many things going on right now and i need some Esperanza time. 

So what is exactly going on? I'm handling car business, family situations,  and figuring out apartment stuff all while i work. But all is good! One day at a time. 

This outfit kind of has a boho vibe with the distressed look, lace and cool necklace. I love this necklace, thank you dear friend (you know who you are). It is a hand made souvenir from Mexico. I can only admire the workmanship, because that thing has a billion glass beads. 

Till next random blog
Outfit details
Shirt- Mine
Shoes- forever21

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Roadside Date

Are you hungry now?? Haha, sorry. So today was a girls pizza date to an awesome pizza place in the middle of some beautiful mountains. Yes, the grasses maybe dry but view is always gorgeous. 

I went out with my best friend (literally since we were in preschool) and my best roommate (technically she's been the only one, but my roommate is still the best). Just out with the especially important. It was nice to relax and talk for a bit, since all i do is work. Not to mention that the pizza was bomb. First time here, but its a landmark or so i've heard. It was soooo worth the scenic drive. 

As for my outfit, i am wearing jean high waisted shorts by Guess. These used to be pants, but i DIY-ed them. I distressed, cut, and studded them. Ehh, this was last year's summer project; i still love them. WAIT!! Get a look at this kimono/shawl. What a beauty for a thrift store find. I can't handle it, too pretty. 

Gosh, Goodness! Why can't my hair stay straight for more than 5 minutes? Ohh well. 

Enjoy :)

Outfit Details
Crop top- American Eagle
Shoes- Converse
Shorts- DIY
Kimono- Thrifted.

Friday, August 8, 2014


 Sorry, but this is yet again another skirt outfit look. This kitten printed envelope skirt was also hand made by myself. I actually stole this piece of fabric from my grandma (I told her i had taken it once i was done, ops!) It basically has a faux fold over look and it zips up in the back with a gold zipper. 

I started this design with a quick sketch and went from there. And i really like how it came out!! I promise that my next design won't be a skirt, but something different. It's just that it is hot here in the valley and a light skirt keeps me cool and its stylish. I cannot do pants, i can't. No jeans, they are torture. 

As for this cool looking truck, it has been here for as long as i can remember. Pretty cool huh?
I wouldn't forgive myself if i left to Irvine without showing you guys this treasure. Hope you like. 

Outfit Details
Shirt and shoes- Forever21
Skirt- Esperanza Original 
and a bunch of bracelets