This was my second year designing for FIG's annual fashion show and all I have to say is that it was absolutely amazing.

I am not going to lie; the butterflies hit every time, but it is a good feeling. I get overwhelmed by the idea that an audience is experiencing my work for the very first time. There is always a doubt in me, like a broken record, saying "I hope they like it, I hope they like it, I hope they like it". In reality I am pretty positive that I am my worst critic. 

As always, I feel that this is not my best work or even a good representation of what my goal was for this line. I will blame my busy schedule, but in reality I kept putting off my designs because I was not feeling the inspiration and neither had I planned accordingly. 

I bought my fabrics first. Then at the last minute I tried to design a cohesive line out of an absurd collection of various fabrics. This was not the best idea because this influenced my designs to be controlled by the material and not the other way around. Next time, I will design my collection first and let the material enhance (and not contain) my vision.  

This 4 piece line was very much like spring. I uses light fabrics in  summer tones (except the black). All pieces had some type of floral detail, because you can't have spring without flowers, duhhh! I kept modest tea lengths in all the skirts and bare backs were a main focus. I attempted to elongate a silhouette by using V-necks and high neck lines, which in my opinion were very successful. 

After every line (well I have only done two) I think back and wish that I had time to do much more. I wish I could have cleaned up the details and added my personal touch of hand beading. At the end I kind of really enjoyed my line. First place was not too shabby:)

I would like to thank my 4 beautiful models for volunteering their time to make my designs come to life. A show without the right movement is rarely a show. Thank you for making me happy and for allowing me to experience this wonderful moment. I would also like to thank my gorgeous make-up artist because lets acknowledge that my models' make-up was on point. Thank you for enhancing the look of my line (ohh and I can request you for next year;)? ) A huge thank you also goes out to my club's President and VP because they did a great job of organizing the show. Without them and all the figgies there would not be a show. THANk YOU ALL. 


Details of back: hand beaded

details of shoulder: hand beaded

Details of top: HAND BEADED


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