Monday, August 24, 2015


Hello lovelies, 

I have truly missed blogging because as many of you may know this is what I love to do. I enjoy showcasing the art of a beautiful garment (whether I'm blogging about it or just wearing it on a daily basis).

I will ask you one thing. How do you feel when you wear your favorite outfit -- may it be casual or glam?

I feel like a walking art piece. Although I bought this piece, it is not mine. Really think about that. Embody the notion that somebody designed what you are wearing at this moment. It is the beautiful creation of an artist. And I am darn glad to be reppin' who they are and what the stand for. Fashion is very magical in the way that it is able to transform you into whatever you feel like being that day (thank you to all the designers who inspire me to one day do the same). I call this Empowerment and I sure love it. 

Okay that was enough "motivation talk" but I sometimes feel that I have to remind myself why I am truly here doing what I love. I keep myself going, because I know I can make it. I just want to invite you along with me through this journey that may or may not have the best ending. But don't worry; I am sure going to give it a try. 

Now let us fashion talk. Do you own a romper/jumpsuit? Go get one if you don't. These are literally lifesavers since there is no need to look for an outfit because it is already made! 
All you have to do is:

1  Pull a neutral color off of the print (if you are wearing a printed romper). In my case: BLACK
2  Accessorize using that color. 
3  And you are done.
Outfit attitude:
"I might as well be on vacation on some beach-y city, casually shopping through their cute boutiques. But until I make it there, I will be running errands in my small town looking overdressed on a Monday morning."

Outfit details

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