Travel Diary

I have postponed this Travel Diary for a month now but I think that I am now ready to share my adventures with you all. 

Early this year (2015) around January I filled out an application to study abroad. I promised myself that I would not bail ( or "casually" forget the deadlines) even if I felt overwhelmed by the idea that I would be traveling across the world. So here I am... in Milan, Italy... one of the fashion capitals of the world. I consider myself beyond blessed to be where I am. If you have known me for years, you would understand that neither my luck nor my financial situation would have predicted that I would ever make it this far. In general terms, I was not meant to be here. Having the luxury to travel and study in a great business school is a blessing and I am truly grateful.

Now to the fun stuff!!

I have decided to document my experiences and you are more than welcome to travel with me:)


One of the first Trips that I took was to the beautiful city of Venezia, Italy. And let me tell you one thing, this place is just like it is in the movies. The architecture is historic and Basilica San Marco is a marvel.

The touristy shops are full of glass art and masquerade masks. I personally thought that this was a weird combination, but I loved it. 

Hey you, follow me to Venice:)

Lake Como

My next adventure was to the city of Como. After getting off the train all you could do was marvel at the giant mountain sides. This  indicated a valley and to my hopes a glistening lake. GORGEOUS.

The boat ride was just amazing. Sometimes things like this leave you speechless and that is how I felt throughout this trip.

Time for one of the most scenic views of your lifetime.

Cinque Terre

Ahhhh... the city of five lands LITERALLY!!
I have to say that this has been my favorite adventure thus far. This was my first 2 days trip and I kinda of sort of loved it. I felt much more relaxed; vacationing sea side for a couple of days is not as stressful and trying to walk through all of venice in one day. 

The weather was on point, the water was unbelievably perfect, and the hiking (yes hiking) was something I will always remember. Hiking from Monterosso to Vernazza really felt like an adventure. 

Thank you Cinque Terre for being so perfect.


Ahhh, the infamous Oktoberfest! You were everything that I expected you to be. The atmosphere of this place is one-of-a-kind. Who would have thought of creating an environment that could be enjoyed by both the drunken and everyone else (although having rides and drunk people can be an issue…ohh well). I would love to point out that the food was absolutely amazing. It was nice to take a break from Italian food. This one-day trip was for the books, but I wish that I had time to explore Germany for another day.

Come along with me…

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