Saturday, February 28, 2015

Men's Alternative

Its Saturday and as promised, HOPEBOTTLE blog post day!!! 

I have been seeing a lot of shirt dresses in the runway lately, but they all seem to be for summer. Coincidentally, I have also been wanting a flannel shirt dress, but I only found shirt dresses appropriate for the summer. This became my problem for about 2 weeks. Then out of sheer genius I remembered that men clothes can be worn by women; so I looked through the Forever21 Men section and found this very warm flannel in XL. It was perfect! Yes, its not a shirt dress,  but when I wear this shirt it fits me like a dress, so there you go the calculations are exact. 

Someone once told me that I dress like I just woke up. I take that as a compliment. If I can dress as comfy as I sleep then I have accomplished life. I love effortless style, but I really need to start looking for more patterns to incorporate into my daily wear. I have also been into rings lately, so I stacked on some gold pieces to polish the look. 
Here is a trick that I have learned through shopping experience:
I love quality jewelry, but it is always out of my budget; I learned that if you shop for jewelry at TJMax or Ross you can get jewelry that is sterling silver or even 18k gold for less. It saves me a lot of money, give it a try. 

This week I received some great news but I will have to wait until summer to give you guys a for sure answer. Im soooooo excited; the best is yet to come!!

Till next week,

Outfit details
Shirt dress- Forver21MEN
Boots- JCPenny
Jacket- Old Navy

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Hello there friends, 
Lately I have been contemplating life: its options, its struggles, and its risk. Hashtag the transitional phase of a college student. So much things are happening right now that I swear you not, a day should have at least 50 hours. Above all the things that fly through my mind, fashion keeps me sane. Im so jealous of all the post from the New York Fashion Week. I wish I was there, but I feel that I am still not mentally prepared to set such high expectations. I literally go to class looking like I just rolled out of bed. This is one of my more put together outfits that I took to work. 

I feel that this outfit is subpar, but right now I am missing inspiration. I literally just mixed comfy boyfriend jeans with more classy shoes, blazer, and top. I kept it black as always, but y'all know me; this is me. 

This has been a random post; theres not even a point that I need to get across. If you read it, thanks for reading my rambles but I promise better outfit ideas are yet to come. This is just a weird week. 


Outfit Details
Blazer- Forever21
Shoes- Target
Jeans- American Eagle

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Hey there, 

I am not sure how the weather works where you guys live, but here in southern California it seems to have risen quickly. There are only sunny warm days to come. As the temperature starts to change we should all look forward to retiring our bulky winter clothing; its time to say, "Till we meet again". After those heart felt goodbyes we can only expect some welcoming hellos. Hey there sheer fabric. How do you do summer print patterns? Yes, its time to surrender any memory of cool weather to this heat. 

I love myself a flowy maxi skirt, especially if it has two slits!! The breeze seems to capture the fabric really well, giving you a Marilyn Monroe feel.  When you wear a skirt with two slits make sure to wear something underneath; mine conveniently comes with black shorts attached. In this look I decide to just put on a simple crop top with some cool detail in the front. I have been recently seeing these kinds of crop tops/bralettes being wore under tops to create the illusion of layering. I personally really like the fact that I can skip wearing a real bra now and then. As for shoes my go-to booties never fail me. We have grown a very trusting relationship. 

Simple outfit, simple day.
Till next time, 

Outfit Details
Booties- H&M
Crop top and Socks- Forever21
Skirt- TJ Max

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Distress & Stripes

Hello, hello
How are you?
I swear days go by so fast. Well its Saturday and you know what that means? HOPE BOTTLE blog post day. 

This week has been one of those weeks where I live day by day, hour by hour, and count my minutes. For all of those students who have experienced the university quarter system, its safe to say that week 5 is torture. Well for those who haven't experience the wonderful school system it all starts like this:
  • Week 1 = buy all your books and necessary material
  • Week 2 = catch up with friends and relax a bit
  • Week 3 = midterms, quizzes, papers, projects, and all the multitude to assigned work. 
  • Weeks 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 = Rip your hair out because the quarter has been flying by and you seem to not have anything in order, you are behind in everything, and yet you still seem have more deadlines and due dates.
Yup thats the quarter system for you, but at the end of the day its all worth it because an education is very valuable. 

Okay, now about this outfit!!
Its one of my artsy looks. I love this top and the way it looks like almost a cape but yet it plays on the button up collared shirt look. I wore another collar (my necklace) to add some interest. Do you see the way in which the silver peter pan necklace reflect the shirt collar; it makes it stand out!!
Pair it with jeans and you are good to go. Well talking about leaving, I must get going. LA awaits. I'll be going to the Fashion District to get some lovely fabrics for my future designs. 

I hope you guys are well, till nest time

Outfit details
Necklace and Shirt- Forver21
Jeans- American Eagle
Mini Bag- Steve Madden