Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Something Old

So i went to a local thrift store a couple days ago and i found this skirt and i had a mini panic attack slash compulsion dance. It probably scared a few costumers, people were starring at me like if i was a stupid ass, ohhh well!! It's a full mustard yellow leather high waisted pencil skirt, how can i leave that behind. The best part was that it only cost $3.95. 

I have no idea when this was made (probably in the 60's) but it was made for a lady with a really small waist. Its a size 7/8 and i can barley breathe, but i don't care i will still wear it. 

I wasn't going to blog until later this week, but i had to show you guys this beauty. Man, i love thrift stores. I feel like i need to hit more of them. Thrift stores remind me of old people, every piece has a story that you don't know. The thing i like the most is that i will give this skirt a new story, my story and i hope i do it justice.

As for my style, i like working with dark colors, so i went with black like always. I added gold jewelry and i was set, no need for distractions and prints; the skirt speaks for itself. 

 Outfit Details
Shirt- Forever21
Watch- JCPenny
Shoes- Reflection
Skirt, bracelet, and clutch- Thrift Stores

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Outfit Of The Day:

After a week of boredom, bliss, and business i was able to dress up a bit. This is what i consider business casual attire. Today i decided to play it safe and go with the basic black and white color pallet, since it was my Mom's baptism. A two and a half hour drive to Bakersfield was nothing to see her happy. This day was important to her so i was there supporting her and all her endeavors. It also gave me a chance to showcase these stunning earrings. 

I had to wake up at 5 in the morning to be ready by 5:30 am. I quickly chose my grey trousers and paired them with a simple cream top that i tucked in. Since it was kind of fresh in the morning i threw on a black cardigan to complete the outfit. I put on my favorite rings and these beautiful earrings and i was ready. As for my hair, a simple pony tail seemed to fit the moment (and the heat).

Sometimes i like stepping out of my daily pieces and wearing something more refined while still being me. This was one of those days and the occasion asked for it. 

Outfit details
earrings- Kendra Scott
Shirt and bag- Forever21
Cardigan-  Banana Republic

Monday, July 21, 2014

Nineteen [19]

 Now this is more my style. I know it is completely the opposite compared to my first post, but sometimes you have to let yourself be a bit vulnerable. If you always find yourself in your comfort zone then you are not living life. Dare yourself to be you and only YOU. And trust me the people who care will stick by your side even if you are wearing socks with ruffles. 

I am blessed and i am thankful. 

Today marks the 6,935 day of my existence and i am glad to be where i stand. #noregrets 

Today i woke up and realized that the sun rains liquid gold on all it's earth. And i remembered to count myself in. I am here, where I'm supposed to be and i am blessed. I live to be happy, we all do, so take a step and ask yourself what do i love? who do i love? Say it out loud and go find what you are looking for. 

We are all strong and we have to know that we can do anything we imagine. So imagine the craziest things...I want to have my own brand one day. And maybe it will take anther 6,935 days, but i have hope and i have dreams. 

"And will you succeed?
Yes you will indeed!
(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)" -Dr.Seuss

Outfit details
Shirt- Brandy Melville 
skirt- American Eagle 
Necklace- Walmart
Shoes- Crossroads in Irvine
Socks- Marshalls

OHH! and shout out to the cool artist, who ever you are. 

How have i lived without these shoes?
They are gorgeous!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Hello there, 
First year of college is over and I'm back home for the summer. I finally realized that i have to show people what i love in hope that they will love it back or at least react to it and trust me these are some of my lovely, dainty outfits. I've put together worse; i sure love myself some crazy. 

My dried up valley inspires the breeziest looks, which are needed at this point of the summer. (100+ degree weather has me wearing white) Clean as a canvas, before i get to it. Maybe you should know that i also love painting. Random cacti grow on the side of the road, the usual. Take the picture and leave. 

Im really into this white fabric and the way is contrasts against the dazzling turquoise from this beautiful necklace. Since the necklace is a distraction, i paired the outfit with nude heals that just blend in. As for my hair, you will start to notice that i do not like to comb it. I let be, however it decides to fall for the day. 

Outfit details
Dress/shirt- Forever21
Shoes- Forever21
Necklace (that everyone needs to buy, seriously go buy it)- Walmart

Since this is my first post ever i went with white. Its how it all starts, out of nothing. Its clean cut and perfect for the heat. This might seem like "just a post" but i have been waiting and planning for a long time. This means a lot to me, because i am truly in love with what i do, and what i plan to do. Fashion is an easy way to say "hello", "i feel....", "This is me". I hope you understand what im trying to say. Clothing speaks and i love the conversations we have. Fabric is gorgeous and i love to admire it. Call me shallow, but you have to understand what i feel and what i think and how passionate i am about what i wear. 

I'll keep on doing this as long as it makes me happy, and i hope you guys get some inspiration or just some outfits ideas. If i can help, or if i have helped, Thank you! You have allowed me to continue the path to perfectly arranged disarragements or as people call it "a put together outfit".

Outfit details
Blouse- Forever21
Jeans- Citizens of Humanity
Shoes- JustFab
Necklaces- smallest and longest- Kendra Scott
                       middle purple stone- Brandy Melville