Monday, July 21, 2014

Nineteen [19]

 Now this is more my style. I know it is completely the opposite compared to my first post, but sometimes you have to let yourself be a bit vulnerable. If you always find yourself in your comfort zone then you are not living life. Dare yourself to be you and only YOU. And trust me the people who care will stick by your side even if you are wearing socks with ruffles. 

I am blessed and i am thankful. 

Today marks the 6,935 day of my existence and i am glad to be where i stand. #noregrets 

Today i woke up and realized that the sun rains liquid gold on all it's earth. And i remembered to count myself in. I am here, where I'm supposed to be and i am blessed. I live to be happy, we all do, so take a step and ask yourself what do i love? who do i love? Say it out loud and go find what you are looking for. 

We are all strong and we have to know that we can do anything we imagine. So imagine the craziest things...I want to have my own brand one day. And maybe it will take anther 6,935 days, but i have hope and i have dreams. 

"And will you succeed?
Yes you will indeed!
(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)" -Dr.Seuss

Outfit details
Shirt- Brandy Melville 
skirt- American Eagle 
Necklace- Walmart
Shoes- Crossroads in Irvine
Socks- Marshalls

OHH! and shout out to the cool artist, who ever you are. 

How have i lived without these shoes?
They are gorgeous!

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