Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Something Old

So i went to a local thrift store a couple days ago and i found this skirt and i had a mini panic attack slash compulsion dance. It probably scared a few costumers, people were starring at me like if i was a stupid ass, ohhh well!! It's a full mustard yellow leather high waisted pencil skirt, how can i leave that behind. The best part was that it only cost $3.95. 

I have no idea when this was made (probably in the 60's) but it was made for a lady with a really small waist. Its a size 7/8 and i can barley breathe, but i don't care i will still wear it. 

I wasn't going to blog until later this week, but i had to show you guys this beauty. Man, i love thrift stores. I feel like i need to hit more of them. Thrift stores remind me of old people, every piece has a story that you don't know. The thing i like the most is that i will give this skirt a new story, my story and i hope i do it justice.

As for my style, i like working with dark colors, so i went with black like always. I added gold jewelry and i was set, no need for distractions and prints; the skirt speaks for itself. 

 Outfit Details
Shirt- Forever21
Watch- JCPenny
Shoes- Reflection
Skirt, bracelet, and clutch- Thrift Stores

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