Monday, August 4, 2014

Orange? Deuces.


As you can see, my hair is short. "Shh! Its A Wig"- Honey Booboo. No? Okay. That was the longest i have ever had my hair and i dealt with it; it was dead, damaged and orange. Now that its short (also the shortest i have ever had it) it feels very soft and the hay looking orange tips are gone!! And I'm happy. 

My short hair inspired this outfit. When i think of short hair i think of REBEL!!! Even a bit edgy. For this look i made this plaid skirt: it only has one pocket on one side and a gold zipper on the other. I mean even the skirt is conceptually different and edgy. I added a slit cause, Why not?

Now look at this view!! Beautiful right? This is what i see everyday back home. It's a different pretty compared to Irvine. It's a golden view, not green not man made, just laid there on it's own. It's comfort, when i see this i see home. 

"Esperpunzell, Esperpunzell let down your hair!"
"Sorry it's all gone!"

Outfit details
Shirt- Forever21
Skirt- an Esperanza Original
Shoes- Converse
Bracelets- Silver: Hollister
Black ones: Mexico

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