Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Roadside Date

Are you hungry now?? Haha, sorry. So today was a girls pizza date to an awesome pizza place in the middle of some beautiful mountains. Yes, the grasses maybe dry but view is always gorgeous. 

I went out with my best friend (literally since we were in preschool) and my best roommate (technically she's been the only one, but my roommate is still the best). Just out with the especially important. It was nice to relax and talk for a bit, since all i do is work. Not to mention that the pizza was bomb. First time here, but its a landmark or so i've heard. It was soooo worth the scenic drive. 

As for my outfit, i am wearing jean high waisted shorts by Guess. These used to be pants, but i DIY-ed them. I distressed, cut, and studded them. Ehh, this was last year's summer project; i still love them. WAIT!! Get a look at this kimono/shawl. What a beauty for a thrift store find. I can't handle it, too pretty. 

Gosh, Goodness! Why can't my hair stay straight for more than 5 minutes? Ohh well. 

Enjoy :)

Outfit Details
Crop top- American Eagle
Shoes- Converse
Shorts- DIY
Kimono- Thrifted.

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