Saturday, March 28, 2015


Hello there, 

I know that I skipped a week, but we all need a vacation right? I feel like I have been apologizing too often, so lets hope that I stick to my weekly blog posts. I want to make this routine, almost like a second job, one that I so truly love (but don't always have enough time to do). 

This week I was inspired by a simple white button up shirt. Specifically, I am in love with button up shirts with a boy friend fit. The more that it looks like it does not not belong to me the better. This piece will be my staple for the spring. There is something about the weightlessness and effortless look to a loose white (it can also be light blue) button up shirt. Everyone should have their own, so if you don't go look for one now. You can literally wear this top with anything. Tuck it into some distress boy friend jeans, wear it with some ripped shorts, tie it around your waste, wear it un-buttoned, throw it over your bathing suit, wear it to sleep. The possibilities are endless. 

"Fur" was really big this fall, so I finally decided to join the bandwagon. (Super late I know, but in Irvine the weather is so unpredictable) This is obviously not real fur, because I don't support that. However this vest does add texture to my outfit. Even though I am basically just wearing black and white, this vest adds interest to this otherwise casual outfit. 

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Outfit details
Jeans- Urban Outfitters
Top and Shoes- Forever21
Bag- Steve Madden
Necklace- Kendra Scott

Sunday, March 15, 2015



The last couple of weeks I have been blogging on a Sunday. Please take into consideration that it is finals week. Ugh, I just want my spring break to start!

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by all the 70's attire in all the department stores. Maybe thats just me, but I am not into that look. This is the closest that I will get into this decade: suede sandals, breeze patterns, and circle shades. These items were just simply reused in this outfit. Just look at my thrifted ring dangle on a Kendra Scott chain. I have realized that I will mix my favorite pieces in even if they don't belong. I was not feeling the ring on my finger, so why not put it on my necklace.  

My latest obsession has been comfort above all. I am really loving these flowy midi skirts. They remind me of my Mexican culture. I finished the look with a criss cross crop top and a beautifully messy braid. I feel like I am embracing my inner Hispanic Princess. 

To me, style is a thought process. Think about the moments when you are grabbing clothing pieces and then you imaging the whole outfit. That is style. And it belongs to you. This is what I had imagined for a while. 

Thank for reading, 

Outfit details
Shirt and Skirt- Hollister
Sandals- Nordstroms
Necklaces- Kendra Scott

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Colour Me

My post was one day late, but better late than never right!!
If you go to school you would understand, its week 10. Prayers are the only things that keep me going. 

The warm weather has hit So Cal and it feels so good! I know I'm wearing black, but the fabric is really thin and this dress is super breezy. 

I kept it simple with this outfit: Black and nude. Then I  realized that is spring and spring should be colorful. I added a light blue mini had bag, a coral statement bracelet, and some beautiful yellow daffodils. These colors can automatically transition into summer, while giving your outfit a lighter vibe. I really need to go out and search for prints or maybe I will dedicate my spring break to sewing some of my own pieces. Cross your fingers and stay tuned. Some original pieces are bound to be made since I'm really not feeling the warm spirit at the department stores. 

This year I promised my self that I would invest on pieces for my future career and I have been in search for a beautiful handbag. Not a mini, I always carry mini's. I am trying to find something classic and timeless. Most of the bags that I have seen are over done; every one seems to have the same ones. I want a no brand bag, sturdy, timeless, and beautiful. If you have seen a handbag like this, please comment. It would help a girl out. 

Thanks for reading, till next time

Outfit details
Dress, Bralette, Shoes- Forever 21
Bag- Unknown
Bracelet- Charlette Rouse