Sunday, March 15, 2015



The last couple of weeks I have been blogging on a Sunday. Please take into consideration that it is finals week. Ugh, I just want my spring break to start!

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by all the 70's attire in all the department stores. Maybe thats just me, but I am not into that look. This is the closest that I will get into this decade: suede sandals, breeze patterns, and circle shades. These items were just simply reused in this outfit. Just look at my thrifted ring dangle on a Kendra Scott chain. I have realized that I will mix my favorite pieces in even if they don't belong. I was not feeling the ring on my finger, so why not put it on my necklace.  

My latest obsession has been comfort above all. I am really loving these flowy midi skirts. They remind me of my Mexican culture. I finished the look with a criss cross crop top and a beautifully messy braid. I feel like I am embracing my inner Hispanic Princess. 

To me, style is a thought process. Think about the moments when you are grabbing clothing pieces and then you imaging the whole outfit. That is style. And it belongs to you. This is what I had imagined for a while. 

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Outfit details
Shirt and Skirt- Hollister
Sandals- Nordstroms
Necklaces- Kendra Scott

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