Sunday, March 8, 2015

Colour Me

My post was one day late, but better late than never right!!
If you go to school you would understand, its week 10. Prayers are the only things that keep me going. 

The warm weather has hit So Cal and it feels so good! I know I'm wearing black, but the fabric is really thin and this dress is super breezy. 

I kept it simple with this outfit: Black and nude. Then I  realized that is spring and spring should be colorful. I added a light blue mini had bag, a coral statement bracelet, and some beautiful yellow daffodils. These colors can automatically transition into summer, while giving your outfit a lighter vibe. I really need to go out and search for prints or maybe I will dedicate my spring break to sewing some of my own pieces. Cross your fingers and stay tuned. Some original pieces are bound to be made since I'm really not feeling the warm spirit at the department stores. 

This year I promised my self that I would invest on pieces for my future career and I have been in search for a beautiful handbag. Not a mini, I always carry mini's. I am trying to find something classic and timeless. Most of the bags that I have seen are over done; every one seems to have the same ones. I want a no brand bag, sturdy, timeless, and beautiful. If you have seen a handbag like this, please comment. It would help a girl out. 

Thanks for reading, till next time

Outfit details
Dress, Bralette, Shoes- Forever 21
Bag- Unknown
Bracelet- Charlette Rouse 


  1. I love your blog! I've read every single one (:
    I went to high school with you!
    I need some suggestions on what to wear, I love simple i feel as if sometimes it's more elegant. It will be for a baptism. I am the godmother.

  2. Hi Marlene, I will message you through Facebook, no problem!!:)