Saturday, February 28, 2015

Men's Alternative

Its Saturday and as promised, HOPEBOTTLE blog post day!!! 

I have been seeing a lot of shirt dresses in the runway lately, but they all seem to be for summer. Coincidentally, I have also been wanting a flannel shirt dress, but I only found shirt dresses appropriate for the summer. This became my problem for about 2 weeks. Then out of sheer genius I remembered that men clothes can be worn by women; so I looked through the Forever21 Men section and found this very warm flannel in XL. It was perfect! Yes, its not a shirt dress,  but when I wear this shirt it fits me like a dress, so there you go the calculations are exact. 

Someone once told me that I dress like I just woke up. I take that as a compliment. If I can dress as comfy as I sleep then I have accomplished life. I love effortless style, but I really need to start looking for more patterns to incorporate into my daily wear. I have also been into rings lately, so I stacked on some gold pieces to polish the look. 
Here is a trick that I have learned through shopping experience:
I love quality jewelry, but it is always out of my budget; I learned that if you shop for jewelry at TJMax or Ross you can get jewelry that is sterling silver or even 18k gold for less. It saves me a lot of money, give it a try. 

This week I received some great news but I will have to wait until summer to give you guys a for sure answer. Im soooooo excited; the best is yet to come!!

Till next week,

Outfit details
Shirt dress- Forver21MEN
Boots- JCPenny
Jacket- Old Navy

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