Saturday, January 31, 2015


Hey, Good morning!

What do you think about this jacket! Its a treasure right? It was given to me by a beautiful friend for my birthday. I will admit that it is not the easiest thing to wear especially in Irvine since the weather never drops. Today it actually sprinkled so I took advantage of the "lower" temperature. This wind breaker/rain jacket is so perfect though; its pretty long so when you zip it up it fits like a little black dress. The waist band also cinches to create a more structured look that allows you to flaunt your natural curves.
It also fits perfectly with my style; I don't have to surrender my comfort and its black. I subliminally always gravitate towards black even though I know that I have 5 black jackets, I will still buy another black one. 

This year, another color that has become a comfort hue has to be burgundy. Its something about that rich dark shade that allows me to pair it with blacks for an edgy look or with browns for a more bohemian vibe. I think that this color is here to stay because it can transition between seasons unlike other colors like sea-foam blue, or highlighter yellow (but thats just me and my personal feelings). 

Recently I have been struggling with my personal style. I feel that I am being influenced by main stream fashion. I don't think that this is a bad issue but when I see other bloggers I'm like "ohh yeah, that so her/his style". Maybe I haven't truly found my personal tastes or maybe I'm still in a transitional part of life, or maybe clothes are just being over done. But this is why I blog: to share what I'm liking at the moment so that I can see the evolution of my style throughout the years. 

Thanks for reading, 
- Esperanza 

Outfit Details
Jacket- Target
Cardigan & Socks- Forever21
Shirt Dress- Brandy Melville

Fashion Hack
Do you own a regular scarf that you wish could transform into an infinity scarf???
Im here to help. 

Step 1: Get the scarf that you want to transform and a couple of safety pins.

Step 2: Safety pin the two ends together

Step 3: Voila! Now you have your own circle/infinity scarf.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Blues

Its Saturday!
So I think that I have created a regular schedule that I can potentially follow! Saturday HopeBottle Posts. They will be posted at different times but on Saturday expect a new blog post. 

Okay lets start with a little story: 
A couple of days ago someone asked me why I named my blog HopeBottle, so here it goes. A great friend in High School decided to directly translate my name into English. For those who don't know my name is Esperanza Botello. Esperanza equals Hope & Botello is very close to Botella which means Bottle. I kept her creativity, and I thank her for that! This name is not only distinguishable, but its also unique. Its so different  that no one seems to take possession of it in any social medias. #hopebottle and its mostly me! 

As for my clothes, my main piece was this button up. There is something about a collared button up that make me feel so empowered! Try it out; wear a solid collared button up and notice how you feel. I hypothesize that the power comes directly from the collar.
I work as a math tutor at a neighboring high school and we have a dress code that I just broke. NO JEANS. I apologize but I feel that business casual attire will empower you but it can also intimidate some students. Im my opinion if you want to look put together but not too profession, focus either on the top half or the bottom half of your outfit. For instance my top half is business casual and its dressed a bit down with a pair of jeans. I have also done the opposite; I have worn dark grey slacks with a casual white tee. There needs to be a balance that makes you look approachable so that the students open up if they need help. I kept the jewelry very simple and pulled my hair back for a clean look, but unfortunately mother earth decided to send some high winds. 

Thanks for passing by, 

Outfit Details
Button up- Ann Taylor
Cardigan- Forever21
Jeans- Hollister
Necklace- Kendra Scott
Booties- H&M

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Number 6

Hello, hello!!

I promise that I am working on getting a fixed schedule going for the blog, but I'm just waiting on some materials from Amazon (tripod and remote control shutter). This will allow me to be more independent in a way; I would technically not need a photographer. With this being said I will still try my best to provide quality images for my beautiful audience. Independence involves taking a difficult step in the right direction, so please bare with me.

So last week was the first day that I decided to go to the Fashion District in LA and man did it bring back so many memories. This place reminds so much of the city in Mexico where I was born. Beautiful memories of my colorful city. Well I bought these joggers from there for the economical price of $10. WOW, I know!

When I start to style an outfit I like to begin with a special piece (joggers in this case) then build around it adding items to evolve the concept I had in mind. I have been seeing several people wear these up (comfy chic) but I decided to wear them down (comfortable for 3 long class lectures). If you are just doing errands then the way I styled my outfit is for you, but if you want to be more classy by all means dress the joggers up. I love to get inspiration from street fashion looks. For dressing up joggers, instead of a crop top I would recommend a light blue button up, tuck it in, and roll up the sleeves and instead of shoes go for some strapped heeled sandals. Last but not least, accessorize as necessary. 

Thanks for supporting what I love.
Take care, 

Outfit Details
Shirt- Urban Outfitters
Joggers- Shop in the Fashion District LA
Shoes- Converse
Backpack- PINK
Necklaces- All thrifted
Anklets- Gift from Mexico. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

B Kool

Hey guys, 
I'm trying to keep up with this new schedule that I have made up for myself, but who knew that it would be this hard? I am a busy-holic. I don't feel right if I'm not in a hurry, so when I forget to pencil something important into my day like publishing a post, I find myself mentally stuck. Should I just publish it and not like the finish result or should I wait till I'm happy with it? Satisfaction and completion are my mantra; I must be 100% happy so that the little voice in the back of my mind is suppressed. 

A little about me:
I'm in a Fashion club here on my campus (UCI) and we host an annual Fashion Show with student designers. This will be the second year in which I part take and I'm hoping for the best. I'm excited to see artistry walk down the runway and you should be excited to experience with me (vicariously) the marvel of creating pieces out of scratch. So just a heads up and be ready to expect some cool stuff later this spring. 

Okay outfit time, wait who's kidding me, straight to this jacket! 
Praising emoji.

Enough said right? Well this beauty is thrifted and its exactly what my closet needed. The design on the back made this piece a keeper. I could just imagine some 80's jock wearing this jacket and thinking that he was the coolest, hahaha. If you are wearing something as shapeless and guy-ish as this jacket I recommend that you add some cool or feminine features like lace or flower print. Also keep the rest of our outfit pretty simple to add focus on that one special item.

Hope y'all are having a great week.
till next time.

Outfit details
Jacket- thrifted
Dress- forever21
Shoes- Tillys
Socks- Stance
Chain necklace- H&M
other necklaces- Kendra Scott

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Comfy Layers

Hey, hey Hi!!
It's cold outside, isn't it? Well the holiday season is over and a new year has begun, so lets start if off on the right foot. Everyone has their new years resolutions, but whose kidding half of them never see the day of light. So with that being said lets make a meager list that might or might not get accomplished. 
New Years Resolutions 2015:
  1. I really want to blog at least once every week or at least once every 2 weeks. (lets keep our fingers crossed)
  2. Healthy eating. Lets try some of that, cause a healthy body equals a healthy mind. 
  3. How about only shopping for necessity: no binge shopping or impulse buys just cause they look cool and I might wear them! Key word = might! Lets make MIGHT into WILL wear more than once!
  4. And lastly, do more of what you love. Keep painting, sewing, drawing, overall be more artistic so start making time for it. 
Ehh, those are my resolutions for this year; lets just roll with it and see what happens. 

So if this winter is giving you those goosebumps and you want to look somewhat put together, I recommend layers. Lots of them. I usually like doing 3 somewhat thin top layers which should equal about a thick sweater and a couple of bottom layers. If thats not enough and you want to keep going, by all means go ahead. Add socks, boots, a beanie, or a scarf. A great tip for layering is to go with the neutrals; you can never go wrong there. Whites, blacks, browns, greys, navys, and olives. As for patterns keep them to a minimum unless you are cleared and considered a professional stylist (just kidding; try on stuff and see what looks good in combinations). 

"The best fashion show
 is definitely on the street. 
Always has been, and 
always will be. " - Bill C.

Outfit details:
Scarf- gift
Plaid button up- Converse
pantyhose and boots- JC Penny
socks- Nordstroms
Shirt- Hollister

Just if anyone was interested, my lip color is Viva Glam III by Mac.