Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Blues

Its Saturday!
So I think that I have created a regular schedule that I can potentially follow! Saturday HopeBottle Posts. They will be posted at different times but on Saturday expect a new blog post. 

Okay lets start with a little story: 
A couple of days ago someone asked me why I named my blog HopeBottle, so here it goes. A great friend in High School decided to directly translate my name into English. For those who don't know my name is Esperanza Botello. Esperanza equals Hope & Botello is very close to Botella which means Bottle. I kept her creativity, and I thank her for that! This name is not only distinguishable, but its also unique. Its so different  that no one seems to take possession of it in any social medias. #hopebottle and its mostly me! 

As for my clothes, my main piece was this button up. There is something about a collared button up that make me feel so empowered! Try it out; wear a solid collared button up and notice how you feel. I hypothesize that the power comes directly from the collar.
I work as a math tutor at a neighboring high school and we have a dress code that I just broke. NO JEANS. I apologize but I feel that business casual attire will empower you but it can also intimidate some students. Im my opinion if you want to look put together but not too profession, focus either on the top half or the bottom half of your outfit. For instance my top half is business casual and its dressed a bit down with a pair of jeans. I have also done the opposite; I have worn dark grey slacks with a casual white tee. There needs to be a balance that makes you look approachable so that the students open up if they need help. I kept the jewelry very simple and pulled my hair back for a clean look, but unfortunately mother earth decided to send some high winds. 

Thanks for passing by, 

Outfit Details
Button up- Ann Taylor
Cardigan- Forever21
Jeans- Hollister
Necklace- Kendra Scott
Booties- H&M

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