Thursday, January 1, 2015

Comfy Layers

Hey, hey Hi!!
It's cold outside, isn't it? Well the holiday season is over and a new year has begun, so lets start if off on the right foot. Everyone has their new years resolutions, but whose kidding half of them never see the day of light. So with that being said lets make a meager list that might or might not get accomplished. 
New Years Resolutions 2015:
  1. I really want to blog at least once every week or at least once every 2 weeks. (lets keep our fingers crossed)
  2. Healthy eating. Lets try some of that, cause a healthy body equals a healthy mind. 
  3. How about only shopping for necessity: no binge shopping or impulse buys just cause they look cool and I might wear them! Key word = might! Lets make MIGHT into WILL wear more than once!
  4. And lastly, do more of what you love. Keep painting, sewing, drawing, overall be more artistic so start making time for it. 
Ehh, those are my resolutions for this year; lets just roll with it and see what happens. 

So if this winter is giving you those goosebumps and you want to look somewhat put together, I recommend layers. Lots of them. I usually like doing 3 somewhat thin top layers which should equal about a thick sweater and a couple of bottom layers. If thats not enough and you want to keep going, by all means go ahead. Add socks, boots, a beanie, or a scarf. A great tip for layering is to go with the neutrals; you can never go wrong there. Whites, blacks, browns, greys, navys, and olives. As for patterns keep them to a minimum unless you are cleared and considered a professional stylist (just kidding; try on stuff and see what looks good in combinations). 

"The best fashion show
 is definitely on the street. 
Always has been, and 
always will be. " - Bill C.

Outfit details:
Scarf- gift
Plaid button up- Converse
pantyhose and boots- JC Penny
socks- Nordstroms
Shirt- Hollister

Just if anyone was interested, my lip color is Viva Glam III by Mac. 

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