Sunday, December 21, 2014

Story of My Life

Hey there, its time for the holidays, once again. I swear time flies by so fast; this time last year I was vacationing in Mexico celebrating with my family. This year I won't be south of the border but the holidays will still be the same. Food will always be made, desserts will always be caramelized, and gifts will be given, just not with all of my extended family. 

Enough about the seasons, let us get to the good stuff... FASHION! So this outfit starts with a little story. Once upon a time I got a great idea, "Why is everyone still wearing mini skirts or everyone's new favorite obsession, the circle/skater skirt"? There is absolutely nothing wrong with the style of those pieces, trust me I own like too many of those, but I kinda needed some new obsession in my life so I came across the midi skirt. I fell head over heels with this one skirt that was so strategically styled in the store's window, that I could not help but walk in. I checked it out and everything was perfect except for the same detail that makes every conscience shopper wince... the price. I know, sad life right? Well I did the smart thing and walked away reminiscing our beautiful moments together. Little did I know, 2 weeks after our loving romance the store announced a 50% off sale. So I immediately bought it. The beauty that I bought is the one I'm currently wearing, its so perfect in every way.

Midis are the new thing in my opinion, they look so elegant with a touch of retro inspiration. Well mine is black, to no ones surprise, but it has sheer panels at the hem. They allow some skin to show while still being classy. I paired it with a burgundy lace crop top and some lace up booties to complete the outfit. 

This holiday I predict that burgundy, emerald green, and royal blue are going to be a huge hit, so go out and find your staple pieces. 

Seasons Greetings

Outfit details

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