Saturday, February 21, 2015


Hello there friends, 
Lately I have been contemplating life: its options, its struggles, and its risk. Hashtag the transitional phase of a college student. So much things are happening right now that I swear you not, a day should have at least 50 hours. Above all the things that fly through my mind, fashion keeps me sane. Im so jealous of all the post from the New York Fashion Week. I wish I was there, but I feel that I am still not mentally prepared to set such high expectations. I literally go to class looking like I just rolled out of bed. This is one of my more put together outfits that I took to work. 

I feel that this outfit is subpar, but right now I am missing inspiration. I literally just mixed comfy boyfriend jeans with more classy shoes, blazer, and top. I kept it black as always, but y'all know me; this is me. 

This has been a random post; theres not even a point that I need to get across. If you read it, thanks for reading my rambles but I promise better outfit ideas are yet to come. This is just a weird week. 


Outfit Details
Blazer- Forever21
Shoes- Target
Jeans- American Eagle

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