Friday, August 8, 2014


 Sorry, but this is yet again another skirt outfit look. This kitten printed envelope skirt was also hand made by myself. I actually stole this piece of fabric from my grandma (I told her i had taken it once i was done, ops!) It basically has a faux fold over look and it zips up in the back with a gold zipper. 

I started this design with a quick sketch and went from there. And i really like how it came out!! I promise that my next design won't be a skirt, but something different. It's just that it is hot here in the valley and a light skirt keeps me cool and its stylish. I cannot do pants, i can't. No jeans, they are torture. 

As for this cool looking truck, it has been here for as long as i can remember. Pretty cool huh?
I wouldn't forgive myself if i left to Irvine without showing you guys this treasure. Hope you like. 

Outfit Details
Shirt and shoes- Forever21
Skirt- Esperanza Original 
and a bunch of bracelets

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