Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Taco Tuesday

So I'm in the process of re-doing my wardrobe; I'm trying to go for Comfy Classic Grandma. I don't know what is going to end up happening but my closet is very confused. Have you ever looked through your closet and realized your style has changed and your pieces don't reflect what you want to wear? Well that's me on a constant basis. My clothes are my children, so it hurts when I get rid of some things. While I look through my clothes I start to remember why I bought it, how I can wear it again, or even if I will ever wear it again. Sad Story. Hopefully I find my true self, even if I have to go shopping (that was just a hint of sarcasm, cause you know who doesn't love shopping).

What's new? 
Well you see there, I am currently a full time student, I have a job, I am involved with research. Too much on my plate? Perhaps? 
Why do you do it?
I love being busy, it keeps me from thinking too much (and I'm not talking about intellectual thoughts, but referring to emotions- Being heartless keeps me sane).

Other than that there is nothing new, I want to start making YouTube videos but I don't know what to record. If you guys have an idea it would be great. 

I will leave you with a twinkle of thought.

"Try not to become a man
 of success, but rather try
 to become a man of value"
- Albert Einstein 

Outfit Details
Cardigan & necklace - Forever21
Shirt - Marshalls
Booties - H&M

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