Saturday, April 25, 2015


So long, no see!! So this week Im introducing the basics...well my basics. 

My grand goal in life is to successfully mix prints. It always sounds like a great idea, but I can never leave my blacks and whites. I really don't own a lot of color, nonetheless prints. Most of the color that I own comes from my flannels, but even then they do not hold a range of patterns. Once again I gravitated towards the basic black and white just like the same repetitive story. My rides or die never seem to fail.(Tip of the day: Go get yourself as many shirt dresses that you can. they are so comfy and you can wear them with basically anything!)
I tried to mix prints, but in a sense I kind of cheated. Adding a print on a similar print might not have a drastic contrast, but it still provides dimension and interest to the outfit. You can't go wrong with stripes and flannels prints; they are so versatile. Stripes have also been seen in the runway this year. A variety of stripes in these classic prints and darker tones give off a different vibe.
This outfit radiates an attitude and I like it. It is more on the edgier side, but I have balanced this out with cute booties, laced socks, and a floppy hat. Together this outfit seems to speak for itself.

Outfit attitude: "I might have slept in this shirt, but you will never know".

Thank you for reading,
Outfit Details
Shirt Dress: Brandy Melville
Button up: Hollister
Boots: H&M
Necklace: H&M
Hat: Forever21

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