Sunday, June 21, 2015

Denim Days: Collab with ZaiFashion

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Yes I know its been a while. So many things have happened in the 2 months that I have not posted (But please do not worry. I will post another blog to keep us all up to date).

Okay so this week I had the honor of collaborating with Zaira from ZaiFashion. If you guys don't know who she is please go check her out (I will leave all the links below). I love the way that she recreates celebrity's outfits for much less. For this collaboration we decided to choose the classic DENIM JACKET. 

Everyone seems to own one or even several of these jackets in different washes. Even though this is such a basic closet staple it is cool to see how we reflected our own styles through a simple jacket. Zaira styled an edgier outfit and incorporated her light wash denim jacket. I, on the other hand, put together a more feminine look and opted for a darker wash. I really love the way in which Zaira played with texture and used dark earth tones to create a more laid back look. I based my look off of the gorgeous chiffon print on my midi skirt. There always seems to be something more elegant about this certain length, so I styled appropriately. 

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Esperanza Botello

Zaira's Links!
Go check her out!!:)

Zaira's Outfit Details

Outfit attitude: 
"Yes I have finally found the perfect floral print. Sorry not sorry. You won't be able to find this skirt cause I made it ;)"

Outfit Details

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