Saturday, April 11, 2015


Hello friends, 

HOPEBOTTLE post Saturday!!! So this weekend while everyone is traveling to California's valley I am stuck in my apartment looking through everyone's photos. I am low key being a jelly fish. 

With all this time to myself, I came across a wonderful idea over the past week; here it goes. 
Does your dad wear Hawaiian shirts? There is a very cool way to make those embarrassing shirts look cool. I am done looking for kimonos that are my style. Most kimonos seem to be in some type of bohemian pattern which usually entails them to be colorful. This is not my personal style, but I found something that works just as well. An oversized Hawaiian shirt! I am wearing a thrifted silk Hawaiian shirt in a dark tropical floral print. I fell in love with it instantaneously. 

The beauty of this piece is that it looks almost exactly like a kimono, but with a collar. I will never purchase an expensive kimono knowing that I can get one that probably no one will have. I can just imagine what cool patterns I will find next. And the best thing is that it is almost summer and the warm weather is here to stay. I can see myself throwing these Hawaiian shirts over many outfits or simply a bathing suit. 

Outfit attitude:
"I might look put together, but what you didn't know is that this is a men's shirt. I know, I am a sneaky-sneak."

Like always thanks for reading,
Esperanza Botello

Outfit details:
(If you click on the link you can find a similar item)
Slip Dress- Forever21
Boots- JCPenny
Hawaiian Shirt: OnlineHawaiianstore
Bralette: Dailylook

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