Saturday, April 4, 2015

Handmade Roses

Hello friends, 

Its HOPEBOTTLE blog post Saturday (there needs to be a better way to create a catchier phrase). I currently feel that this is the best day out of the week to share a blog post will you all. So here it is. 

This week I have kept my outfit on the simpler side: just a top, shorts, and sandals. Theres nothing amazing about the outfit, except for this handmade top. It was obviously not made by yours truly, but I wish I had the skills to create such a beautiful piece. The detail on the top section is made using a traditional Mexican technique which resembles embroidery. This technique is mostly used to make servilletas, or napkins out of fabric. These beautifully designed napkins are usually made to keep tortillas warm. Such stylish tortillas, I know! I have seen my grandmother do this plenty of times, but I have never asked her to teach me, what a mistake because I can see how this can be modernized into a stylish spring/summer trend. For instance this amazing top.

I bought this shirt from a lady outside a market place back in my hometown (a little sketchy but ehhh). I walked out of the store with some groceries and I instinctively gravitated towards her. I took a look at the tops and once I realized that they were handmade I asked for the price and she said $25. I was a little hesitant and I also usually never cary cash. She saw that she might lose a sale and she said to take it for $20. Please take in mind that this is not great material; they are usually made out of muslin, which is very inexpensive. The neck piece alone is worth that amount in my opinion though, since this takes a couple of hours to complete. So I bought it. I kind of felt good supporting a local artist continue this traditional art form that is slowly being lost. 
*(Later my mom said she could have made the same shirt for me, but who was she kidding. If you know my mom she's always late. There was no hope in me waiting for her to make me one)

During spring break I figured that I needed a change in hair color. I had a couple of choices, but somehow I chose that I wanted to go lighter. WOW, was I not ready to receive what I had in store. My hair is now a very intense ombre which was not purposely planned. Miscommunication with my hairdresser created some confusion, but oh well.  I am not very happy with the results, but I will embrace the change. Some people love it, others not so much, but I'm fine with that now. I am just going to give my hair a rest and re-dye it next month. I mean bad mistakes make really good stories right?  

Till next time, 
Esperanza Botello

Outfit Details
Shorts- Forever21

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